My name is Patrick Alexander and for the past thirty years I have lived in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida where, among other things, I teach wine appreciation classes – hence the name of this site, I am also a writer.

My latest book, released in September 2023 is called BOOMER and tells the story of the ‘Baby Boom’ generation: it’s about ‘old folk’ like me, who’ve lived through eight decades and crossed over two centuries and two millennia. It’s a fun and fascinating story!

Other recent books include  Building Paradise, the history of Miami and South Florida, and The Booklovers’ Guide to Wine which is based on the wine classes I have taught for almost twenty years.

Additional books include three novels set in a fictionalized, and not very well disguised version of Coral Gables – entitled The Greenhaven Trilogy.

My first book, back in 2007, Marcel Proust’s Search for Lost Time, was a study of the French novelist Marcel Proust, and in June 2022 I released A Dance to Lost Time  comparing Proust’s seven volume novel In Search of Lost Time, with Anthony Powell’s twelve volume novel A Dance to the Music of Time.

I am currently in the process of recording all my works as audiobooks for Audible.

When not writing, teaching, or sounding-off to the Miami Herald, I conduct historic tours for the Coral Gables Museum and the famous Biltmore Hotel as well as maintaining order as starter on the historic Granada Golf Course.